Find out why your Section needs a Young Professionals Affinity Group and how your Section can benefit. Young Professionals Affinity Groups encourage enthusiastic young professionals to get involved in Section activities, benefiting all member grades and building the future leaders of IEEE. The mission of Young Professionals is to inspire, energize, empower, and engage young professionals to envision and realize their dreams. Topics presented in this session will include the available resources and best practices to maximize the effectiveness of Young Professionals Affinity Groups. (SC'2011 Breakout Session)

How can you increase participation in Section activities and IEEE in general? Learn about the needs of Life Members and how those needs can be met through Section and/or Life Member Affinity Group involvement. Find out how having a Life Member Affinity Group can help improve membership value and member satisfaction within your Section.  (SC'2011 Breakout Session)

Learn why should a Section have an affinity group? Find out how affinity
group (i.e., LM, GOLD, WIE and CN) activities benefit IEEE.

IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) facilitates the development of programs and activities that promote the entry into and the retention of women in engineering and enhance the career advancement of women in the profession. The WIE Committee coordinates support for its world-wide network of local Affinity Groups.

This WIE training session will provide an opportunity for WIE leadership and Section Chairs to network, receive training, and provide input into IEEE/WIE programs and projects. This session would benefit the Sections in forming WIE Affinity Groups and accessing WIE programs and resources. It will also highlight the range of activities that have been carried out by WIE Affinity Groups around the world.  (SC'2011 Breakout Session)