SAMIEEE is a web-based ad hoc query tool that provides volunteers access to member data. It allows ad hoc querying, reporting, and downloading of IEEE's membership data to authorized or designated IEEE volunteers.

IEEE volunteers are developing a web-based suite of volunteer
tools called vTools. These tools offer simplified and automated
solutions in support of Section and chapter meeting administration
and calendar events. In addition, work is being done to
address a broad range of needs that include automated Web site
development, electronic voting, finance, student branch reporting,
demographics and more. Come and learn about this exciting
new project and how it will support Section operations.

Running an IEEE Section, Chapter, or Affinity Group can be a time consuming task. vTools portfolio simplifies administration by offering web based software, reduces time spent managing activities, and assists in member development. Find out how the vTools suite of applications can facilitate meetings with registrations and payments, L31 meeting reporting, elections,  maintenance free web presence, surveys, web conferencing, and more.  (SC'2011 Breakout Session)